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The core idea that revolved around these food delivery apps was to deliver food to people at their doorsteps but with little enhanced features than one another. Even as a startup, you still have enough space in the industry to grow as a successful business with Zomato clone. Learn more here.
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A statistics survey tells us that almost 80% of the commuter prefer Ola and Uber over regular taxis and that Uber has completed nearly 2 billion rides since its inception. What made Uber and Ola successful ventures is the sound business strategy they employed. Learn more here.
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Modern technology transformed traditional businesses and also allowed customers to get their needs easily without any hectic process. The same happened in the case of the ride-hailing business, i.e. the introduction of taxi apps like Uber, Lyft, and Ola brought a major change in the transportation industry. Learn more about how to launch such an app for your taxi business.
1 λ | Buy | Owner: jenniferatkinson | 4 May 2019 (
Uber files this year’s biggest IPO in the United States and has plans to offer ‘180 million shares at $44 to $50’ each. Uber filed documents with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) on April 12th, the day which would be remembered as a day of a possible milestone for Uber. The ride hailing giant expects a market valuation of about $84 billion.
uber ipo filing valuation lyft | Link | Trading History: 1
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Mostly, the taxi booking application can be operated by a user, admin, and passenger and all three has a different interface. Here, you can glance through all three modules’ functions which may help you develop Uber like app.
1 λ | Buy | Owner: jenniferatkinson | 30 Apr 2019 (
With the on-demand taxi services booming, IoT holds immense potential to disrupt the industry and take it to the next level. With self-driving vehicles set to become a common sight in 15 years, the Internet of Things will have its fair share of contribution
1 λ | Buy | Owner: jenniferatkinson | 27 Apr 2019 (
In taxi business, It is essential to have a fully-functional Uber like app that can perform all the actions required to provide a seamless booking experience to the users. Learn the ride-hailing industry's latest features here.
1 λ | Buy | Owner: jenniferatkinson | 17 Apr 2019 (
Though ride-hailing services led to the decline of the revenues of the traditional taxi businesses, it has benefited many car owners who transformed their business digitally. If you are an entrepreneur who wishes to begin a ride-share startup in a digital platform to create revenues, reach an on-demand app development company to create one.
1 λ | Buy | Owner: jenniferatkinson | 9 Apr 2019 (
If you’re one among the entrepreneurs who wish to start a taxi business, this blog will provide insights for the same. These five strategies will help you to achieve success in your taxi business.
1,999 λ | Buy | Owner: jenniferatkinson | 18 Mar 2019 (
The ride-hailing taxi business is in dire need of new service providers to cater to the growing need for convenient traveling among the tech public. Enter the market with apps developed from AppDupe’s Uber clone script. Their Uber clone solution ensures your apps get developed at a fraction of your budget and save you on precious time from ideation to launch.
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