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1 λ | Buy | Owner: herlet | 5 Jun 2019 (
If you have ever received a questionable email saying that you have just inherited a huge amount of money, or you have won a lottery you donít remember entering, but they need you to send them personal information and/or money, these along with other emails, are part of what is known as Nigerian 419 scams.
scam fake scammers nigeria | Link | Trading History: 1
1 λ | Buy | Owner: herlet | 29 May 2019 (
As you begin your journey to become the next David Copperfield you will to rigorously learn some tricks which will set you apart. So, here are four bartricks that women will certainly love!
1 λ | Buy | Owner: herlet | 20 May 2019 (
Fact is, nearly 40 percent of employees admitted to having a romantic relationship with a coworker. And a whopping 31 percent of office relationships result in marriage. So here are reasons why you should be pursuing exactly who everyone is telling you not to pursue.
1 λ | Buy | Owner: herlet | 14 May 2019 (
There are no guarantees hereójust some suggestions that, if executed properly, may lead her back into those waiting arms of yours. Sadly, the good olí days when a guy (or gal) could use the perfunctory response to an accusation of infidelity, ďShow me the proof,Ē are long gone.
1 λ | Buy | Owner: herlet | 6 May 2019 (
The word stops us in our tracks. It can be heartbreaking, debilitating, and deflating. It can also be empowering, liberating, and necessary. Any strong, successful woman knows that learning to say ďnoĒ is an invaluable lesson.
life no power interesting | Link | Trading History: 1
1 λ | Buy | Owner: herlet | 2 May 2019 (
I think itís safe to say that if you spot most of these 30 signs, youíre on the right path. At the very least, youíre not in a shit one.. But thatís all I can promise you.
1 λ | Buy | Owner: herlet | 2 May 2019 (
Weíre all grown ups here, right? A couple of drinks really loosen you up. But what happens when things get sloppy on your first date? Or in your relationship? And what could booze do to a recovering breakup? Is the moment of numbness really worth what booze could be doing to your love life?
1 λ | Buy | Owner: herlet | 30 Apr 2019 (
It is no secret that we are all busier and busier these days. At almost all times of the day, there are emails, texts, and calls coming in on our phones. Obviously, we cannot pretend like they do not exist, but what is the proper approach to take when you are out with someone for the first time?
1 λ | Buy | Owner: herlet | 29 Apr 2019 (
if itís also your first time going there, then you must be wondering which places to go to and what kind of activities you should do. Here are a few dating ideas you can do when in Tokyo.
1 λ | Buy | Owner: herlet | 26 Apr 2019 (
Dating in the digital age brings a lot of benefits. How many of us would be single if it werenít for text messaging? But is there is such a thing as too much information
1 λ | Buy | Owner: herlet | 25 Apr 2019 (
Did you ever wish you could unknow something or unsay it? I know I have. What if they never told you, you never asked, or they never got caught? What if everything could go back to before the bad thing happened; if you got a do over? Iím just asking you to consider that maybe, just maybe, it is better not knowing.
1 λ | Buy | Owner: herlet | 24 Apr 2019 (
Letís get right down to it. As a man, dating is a health hazard. The entire process will leave you battered, beaten, and damn near death, if youíre not doing it right.
1 λ | Buy | Owner: herlet | 17 Apr 2019 (
Maybe there are some people we are meant to love; some people that speak straight to your heart. Then again, maybe there are others that you build up in your head to be more than they, creating an illusion of love.
1 λ | Buy | Owner: herlet | 15 Apr 2019 (
So, are you eager to romance your guy, but just arenít sure how to go about it? Well, thatís what Iím here for ladies, so sit back, relax and let me feed your wonderful brain with ideas.
1 λ | Buy | Owner: herlet | 15 Apr 2019 (
here are five tips that separate the men closing the deal from the men curling up in their X-Men bedsheets alone. (Oh, and if you donít recognize that quote at the top, itíll all make sense at the end.)
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